You Can

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

Make A Difference


You Can Help By Volunteering

Volunteers’ warm hearts and helping hands are the glue that holds MMOW programs together. Whether delivering meals, assisting at senior centers, working in our resale boutique, or helping with special events and fundraisers, it is our volunteers’ gift of sharing their time and hearts that makes it possible for MMOW to support our participants’ independence with dignity. Along the way, smiles, hugs, and lasting friendships brighten everyone’s path.

Home-delivered meals

MMOW drivers are the friendly faces that bring good cheer and bright smiles as well as hot lunch meals Monday through Friday. Meals are prepared by local food partners and picked up at that location. It takes about 1½ hours to deliver the meals for one day. Drivers are usually scheduled to deliver meals once a month, or more frequently if they wish.

Senior Center luncheons – MMOW’s luncheons are special events for our seniors and our luncheon volunteers are MMOW ‘s special hostesses. Volunteers assist with activities, games, and food service. Luncheon days and frequency vary from center to center. Volunteers can schedule as time allows.

Sadie’s Upscale Consignment & Resale – If you love fashion and home décor, Sadie’s is the place for you! Volunteers assist in all areas of MMOW’s resale shop Monday through Saturday. Shifts are flexible to individual availability between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Volunteers may schedule on a weekly or monthly schedule as time allows.

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheons

MMOW celebrates Volunteer Appreciation week during the entire month of April by hosting a series of luncheons and afternoon get-togethers to thank our incredible volunteers for their commitment to our participants all year long.

Volunteer Reception

MMOW volunteers gather for a special recognition ceremony celebrating their achievements and dedication presentation of the Decade of Love Award, the Rob Timmons Spirit Award, and the Darlene Terpening Outstanding Service Award.

For more information on volunteering at Metroport Meals On Wheels, please contact Annette Blount at or
call 817-491-1141.

Become a Volunteer

There are two options to complete our volunteer application process. You may select to download and print the volunteer application or complete the application online.

A paper copy of our volunteer application is available to you when you choose this option. Please complete the information and return it via fax, US Mail or scan and email it to Annette Blount at

Get Verified is the online application for your background check. Please select this option if you are:

  • Completing the online volunteer application
  • 18 years old or older
  • Interested in meal delivery between 11am – 1pm


Please complete the form below. Once you are finished click Submit Now. The application, copies of the
drivers license and auto insurance will automatically be sent to our office for processing.

    Click Here to Read the Agreements

    It is the policy of Metroport Meals On Wheels to conduct background checks on volunteers who will have independent access to participant’s homes. Metroport Meals On Wheels utilizes the services of VeriFyi to conduct background checks on applicants. Upon receipt of this completed application, Metroport Meals On Wheels will provide prospective volunteers with the link to VeriFyi’s background check forms which can be completed online. Please press “Submit Now” and a member of our staff will contact you.


    Your Support is Really Powerful.

    The Darlene Terpening Outstanding Service Award was created to honor Darlene’s legacy and her spirit. As an organizer of Colleyville Meals On Wheels, a volunteer then staff member at Sadie’s, and MMOW’s Program Director, she not only gave of herself; she inspired others to give as well.

    Honorees include:

    • 2017 – Judie Kumpel
    • 2017 – Claudene Blake
    • 2017 – Rami Arsikere
    • 2016 – David Wright
    • 2016 – Shari Gajary
    • 2016 – Sandy & Willis Cash
    • 2014 – Dee Smith McCollum
    • 2014 – Laurie McCollum
    • 2013 – Jan Van Fleet
    • 2013 – Becky Rogers
    • 2013 – Deana Mincher
    • 2013 – Tonya Henderson
    • 2013 – Charlene Hattner
    • 2013 – Annette Glavan
    • 2013 – Rhonda Burns
    • 2013 – Cathy Braunreiter
    • 2013 – Maureen Bittick
    • 2013 – Elizabeth Arnett
    • 2013 – Penny Amack

    The Rob Timmons Spirit Award was created in 2012 in memory of a long time board member, Rob Timmons. Rob’s dedication and giving spirit was inspirational to all who had the pleasure of knowing and working with him.

    Honorees include:

    • 2017 – Jim Dinsmore
    • 2017 – Gini Burns
    • 2017 – Caroline Blackwell
    • 2016 – G.R. Turner
    • 2016 – Allan Gibbs
    • 2016 – Jim Badalamenti
    • 2016 – Dorene Badalamenti
    • 2014 – Ann Smith
    • 2014 – Dorcus Newell
    • 2014 – Jan Henning
    • 2014 – Mary Goslinski
    • 2014 – Rosemary Carr
    • 2013 – Vern Wood
    • 2012 – Renee Tielkemeier

    This award, established in 2002 by Scott Murray in honor of Byron and Peggy Nelson’s tenth year of involvement with the MMOW golf tournament, honors a special volunteer who has given at least ten years of service to MMOW and whose support has touched many areas of our organization.

    Honorees include:

    • 2017 – Estelle & Ron Miller
    • 2016 – Robert Finn
    • 2014 – Debbie and Steve Vinson
    • 2013 – Mary Pat Black
    • 2012 – Cathy Braunreiter
    • 2011 – Joe Lumpkin
    • 2010 – Mike Mlinac
    • 2009 – Betty and Don Redding
    • 2008 – Elizabeth Arnett
    • 2007 – Becky Spain
    • 2006 – Gay McWhorter
    • 2005 – Johnny Clark
    • 2004 – Virginia Muzyka
    • 2003 – Vertalee Coleman and Emily Ragsdale
    • 2002 – Kelly Bradley
    • 2001 – Byron and Peggy Nelson

    Just as a shining star illuminates the sky, MMOW’s Shining Stars have brightened our organization in countless ways.

    Honorees include:

    • 2017 – Barbara Mundlin
    • 2016 – Lindy Hanna
    • 2014 – Joyce Lumpkin
    • 2013 – Jan Hennig
    • 2012 – Brigid Rose
    • 2011 – Diana Behrens Ingram
    • 2010 – Mary Pat Black
    • 2009 – Candy Miller and Debbie Felps
    • 2008 – Sandy King
    • 2007 – Leesy Palmer
    • 2006 – Bernice Smith
    • 2005 – Cathy Braunreiter
    • 2004 – Becky Spain
    • 2003 – Virginia Muzyka
    • 2002 – Patti Smith
    • 2001 – Jodi Sanders
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