The Full Plate Promise

Full Plate Partners provide more than just a meal for the seniors served by Metroport Meals On Wheels. The daily meals fill their plates and the friendly visits as the meals are delivered brighten lonely days while providing a sense of safety and security. Through a meaningful monthly donation in an amount of their choosing, Full Plate Partners alleviate hunger and isolation for their senior neighbors while fostering their independence and respecting their dignity.

Leave a Legacy

We are more than just a meal.

Our Leave A Legacy campaign is celebrating 40 Years of Volunteering. We are asking you to donate $40 to help feed individuals in need. This campaign will continue on for the next 40 days, as we celebrate the opportunity we have been given to help others. Please consider donating $40.00 to help Celebrate 40 Years of Volunteering.


Grow the Love

Will you help?

Your donation to Adopt-A-Senior will provide meals to someone who is unable to physically or financially prepare meals for themselves.

Will you help?

  • $7.00 – One hot, home-delivered meal
  • $35.00 – One week of hot, home-delivered meals & personal visits
  • $150.00 – One month of hot, home-delivered meals & personal visits
  • $450.00 – Three months of hot, home-delivered meals & personal visits
  • $900.00 – Six months of hot, home-delivered meals & personal visits
  • $1800.00 – One YEAR of hot, home-delivered meals & personal visits

Sadie's Upscale
Consignment & Resale

Roanoke, TX

MMOW accepts no federal, state or United Way funding in order that we may serve any age group without financial qualification or restrictions. Over half of our funding comes from local donors including individuals, civic groups, churches and businesses. 
Historically, proceeds from Sadie’s Upscale Consignment and Resale located in Roanoke provides approximately one-quarter 15% of our funding. In addition, clients and participants contribute as they can. Here is a percentage breakdown on where donations are procured: of MMOW’s traditional support:

Individuals 35%, Events 20%, Resale 15%,
Foundation, Civic, Church, Corporate 12% and City contracts 11%
Miscellaneous and fees 7%


Would you like to donate to Metroport Meals On Wheels just by shopping? You can! Participating partners will donate up to 1% of your total bill EVERY time you shop. All you have to do is register MMOW as your charity of choice!

There is no cost to you and the ill and/or elderly neighbors will benefit greatly from your help. This is an effortless way to give back to those in YOUR community who need help.

Please pass this on to your friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers who may be willing to help us as well. Thank you so much for your support!

To register with our participating partners:

  • Sign into your Kroger account
  • Go to “My Account”
  • Select “Community Rewards”
  • Go to “Find an Organization”
  • Type “Metroport Meals On Wheels”
  • Click Enroll (You only have to enroll once!)

Tom Thumb / Safeway/Randalls

  • Complete the Good Neighbor Program form.  This form may be obtained at the grocery store or online on Tom Thumb’s website.   Our Good Neighbor number is 2131.   You only have to set this up ONE time.
  • Enter “” in your browser address bar.  
  • Sign into your account
  • Go to “Your Account”
  • Go to the “Other Programs” section.
  • Click on Amazon Smiles Charities.
  • Pick your own charitable organization
  • Type Metroport Meals On Wheels and press “Search”.  
  • Select Metroport Meals On Wheels. (You only have to enroll once!)
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