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Don’t Forget to Feed Me


Don’t Forget to Feed Me Pet Food Bank envisions a community in which all pet owners are able to feed their pets.


The mission of Don’t Forget to Feed Me (DF2FM) is to supply pet food to local agencies in support of pet owners. By providing pet food for those in need during challenging financial times, we offer an option to surrendering – or worse, abandoning – a family pet. Don’t Forget to Feed Me helps to ensure that no pet owner ever has to choose between stay…or go.


Don’t Forget to Feed Me’s partnership with Metroport Meals On Wheels helps provide pet food to over 22 dogs and 11 cats that belong to our home-delivery meal participants. Pets ownership decreases the feeling of loneliness in seniors by 36 percent.

While the presence of a pet may bring joy, it can also bring challenges to a home-bound senior. Don’t Forget to Feed Me’s partnership helps ensure both our seniors’ and their pets’ nutritional needs are being met. Since seniors will often feed their own meals to their pets if food is not available. For more information on ways you can help, click the button below.

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