Stockings for Seniors

is organizing this fundraiser.

Ensuring that Holidays are happy for our homebound participants.

MMOW’s Stockings for Seniors program ensures that the holidays are happy for our homebound participants. Community participation in Stockings for Seniors not only makes wonderful holiday memories for MMOW’s participants, but everyone involved in the program walks away with something special. The donors who select special gifts, the volunteers who deliver the gifts, the corporate groups who participate in the workplace, and the civic groups that embrace our seniors… all are touched in meaningful ways.

To participate in Stockings for Seniors, simply select one or more stockings from our Stocking Tree located in Sadie’s Upscale Consignment & Resale.” For more information, contact Client Services Director Andrea Burris at


$150 Provides one month of meals for an individual

To donate, simply call MMOW at 817.491.1141 or click the donate button below.

“My beautiful food was all I needed for Christmas and then I got your Basket of Fruit! Then I got a Walmart card for my vitamins, some beautiful hand towels (blue), a flash light and batteries! You have made me have a very Merry Christmas! Thanks so much. My love and blessings.”

 – Ms. Wanda

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